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What do squirrels eat

Squirrels Are Bird Killers?! You’ll Never Believe This

What do squirrels eat? This might be a more complicated question than you think. While you might assume that the answer is a resounding yell of “Nuts!” you would be greatly underestimating just how

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squirrels nest

A Squirrel’s Nest: Not So Shabby On The Inside

There are many types of squirrels, and each has their housing preferences. From hidey-holes in the treetops, elaborate camouflage in the foliage, to underground kingdoms, squirrel homes run the gambit

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Squirrels as pets

6 Essential Tips For Keeping Squirrels As Pets

Can you have squirrels as pets? This is a popular question often asked of veterinarians. The short answer is no; you should not try to capture and keep an adult squirrel. They are born in the wild and

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squirrel house

4 Unbelievable Squirrel House Designs

Can you make a squirrel house? You might be surprised how easy they are to build. All it takes is a jigsaw and drill, along with a few wooden boards and a mounting device for tree placement. However, building

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squirrel eating apple

Squirrel Food – So Much More Than Acorns

If you ask just about anyone what squirrels eat, the first answer from will be “nuts.” The image of the squirrel with a nut, either in hand or in the pursuit of one, is such a common idea that most

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Top Three Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2015

Feeding birds is a fun, relaxing activity. But you want to feed the birds – not the squirrels. If neighborhood squirrels are invading your bird feeders and eating all the birdseed, we can help. We’ve

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grey squirrel

Grey Squirrels Are Cannibals? The Shocking Truth Behind These Woodland Creatures

The grey squirrel is a beautiful creature. As you might have guessed from its name, grey squirrels are usually grey in colour, with white underbellies. However, some grey squirrels tend to appear browner

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5 Irresistible Birdfeeders For Your Home And Yard

Generations ago, Grandma threw dinner scraps into the yard for birds to gobble at their leisure. Today, bird feeding has become a beloved pastime for people of all ages. Decorous bird feeders come in many

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Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels – Sweet Animals Or Meat Eating Predators?

Are flying squirrels real? They most definitely are. You’ve probably got a few questions about these funny little creatures. Are they squirrels who grew wings? Or are they just rodents that can jump

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baby squirrel

Baby Squirrels – Adorable Facts Worth Knowing

Baby squirrel care is a detailed and tricky business. Usually discovered lost or abandoned, baby squirrels are not prepared to leave the care of their mother for three to four months after they’re born.

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The Beautiful Hummingbirds

They are small and colourful birds that have iridescent feathers. They get their name from the humming noise they make as a result of flapping their wings extremely fast (approximately 80 flaps in one

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squirrel proof birdfeeder

Top Three Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders In 2014

Do you want to feed birds but always seem to end up with pesky squirrels trying to spoil the fun? Well, we’ve had this problem as well, and fortunately, we’ve created this top-three list of bird feeders

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Tasty Foods You Can Feed Squirrels And What To Avoid

If you’re like us, then you absolutely love feeding squirrels. We love to feed many different types of wildlife, but squirrels are probably our favorite. When people first start nature watching and feeding

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nature watching

The Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Nature Watching

Did you know that there are MANY health benefits associated with nature watching? There is no shortage of different types of this activity. One of our favorite activities is squirrel watching, and this

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squirrel feeding

Things You REALLY Need To Know About Squirrel Feeding

If you’re planning on feeding squirrels, then there are some things that you NEED to know before you get started. There is no way to deny the fact that nature watching is beneficial for both the mind

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feeding squirrels

Top Secret Tips For Feeding Squirrels In Your Backyard

Do you need some backyard squirrel feeding tips? Well, we’ve got you covered. Squirrel watching can be a VERY relaxing experience, with benefits for both the mind and body. However, if we’re going

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loving the squirrels

Why You Should Feed Wild Squirrels and Love Them

Depending on where you live, you probably see them every day – we’re talking about squirrels. To be honest, they are some of the most interesting little creatures on Earth. Aside from being very interesting

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