What Do Baby Ducklings Eat?

What Do Baby Ducklings Eat

What Do Baby Ducklings Eat? Ducks are birds belonging to the Anatidae family, which also includes swans, geese, and seabirds such as gannets. Ducks of many different types are bred for food, eggs, or even companionship! Most of us have fed wild ducks at some point in our lives, but did we do it correctly? … Read more

What Do Baby Sparrows Eat?

What Do Baby Sparrows Eat

What Do Baby Sparrows Eat? The most numerous of North America’s 35 sparrow species is the house sparrow. It consumes a variety of grains and seeds, but during the summer, it will appreciate the protein in insects. The diet of a newborn sparrow is determined by what its mother and father feed it; where they … Read more

What Do Baby Killdeer Eat?

What Do Baby Killdeer Eat

What Do Baby Killdeer Eat? Baby Killdeer are precocial chicks, just like baby ducks, geese, and other fowl. These babies hatch from the egg covered with thick down and open their eyes quickly, demonstrating full mobility. They imprint on their parents and cling to them tenaciously after only a few minutes. Both moms and dads … Read more

What Do Baby Cardinals Eat?

What Do Baby Cardinals Eat

What Do Baby Cardinals Eat? Hundreds of baby cardinals are delivered to wildlife rehabilitation centers every year. Some people, believing a newborn bird on the ground requires their assistance, inadvertently take it. Others are neglected by well-intentioned individuals who don’t realize how to properly care for a baby cardinal. If you discover a baby bird … Read more

What Do Baby Wrens Eat?

What Do Baby Wrens Eat

What Do Baby Wrens Eat? Wrens are frequently encountered across North America. These birds construct their nests in a variety of unusual locations, including old boxes, discarded cans, and even within barns and garages. It’s not uncommon for humans to discover abandoned wren babies or youngsters who’ve fallen from the canopy. It’s difficult to care … Read more

What Do Baby Crows Eat?

What Do Baby Crows Eat

What Do Baby Crows Eat? Crows have a long and sometimes ominous history with humans. Crows are one of the rare bird species to not only recognize people but also form friendships with them. The lives of crows are intricately linked with ours in many ways, despite their unfortunate connection with the macabre. Our efforts … Read more

What Do Baby Turkeys Eat?

What Do Baby Turkeys Eat

What Do Baby Turkeys Eat? Turkeys are becoming increasingly common in the livestock industry. This market is gaining momentum. Some are in it for money, while others are simply for pleasure. Whatever the case may be, everyone has a beginning stage that may be stressful at first. Turkeys are capable of withstanding harsh natural conditions. … Read more

What Do Baby Ducks Eat in The Wild?

What Do Baby Ducks in The Wild

What Do Baby Ducks Eat in The Wild? The first personal encounter most birder keepers remember having with a wild animal was when they fed the ducks at a local park or pond as a youngster. Many wildlife conservationists and city authorities argue over whether feeding wild birds is beneficial or not. Despite their opposing … Read more

What Do Baby Robins Eat?

What Do Baby Robins Eat?

It’s a widespread misunderstanding that a mother or father robin solely provides her young with worm larvae. A baby robin’s diet is balanced, in fact, with a wide range of foods. The first hatchling in a batch is usually seen 12 to 14 days after the mother bird has laid her last egg. Those youngsters … Read more

What Do Baby Chicks Eat?

What Do Baby Chicks Eat?

Chickens are great pets. They give fresh eggs, food for your lawn, and years of entertainment with their loud personalities. Chickens are also simple to feed and will eat almost any of your leftovers. It doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out what to feed baby chicks. Baby chicks, like adult chickens, are adaptable … Read more

What Do Starlings Eat?

What Do Starlings Eat?

Starlings are beautiful birds with their gorgeous metallic colored wings.  Different species of starlings can differ in color but most of the species do have dark metallic colors.  Some are spotted and others boast with bright orange chests.  This medium-sized bird belongs to the Sturnidae family and they are found in most continents. The most … Read more

What Do Peacocks Eat?

What Do Peacocks Eat?

Peacocks is a more common term for a gorgeous bird that is called Peafowl.  These beautiful birds belong to the Phasianidae family and are easily identified by their bright blue metallic necks and remarkable eye-spotted tail feathers that they are so proud to show off during the mating season. There are not too many species … Read more

What Do Doves Eat?

What Do Doves Eat?

Doves are members of the Columbidae family which includes pigeons.  The Columbidae bird family includes over 300 species of birds that all share features like thick round bodies with short necks and short beaks. The main difference between doves and pigeons is that doves tend to have a smaller structure than pigeons.  Lots of people … Read more

What Do Birds Eat?

What Do Birds Eat?

Birds are fantastic animals.  These animals belong to the Aves class and they are identified by feathers, toothless beaks, a strong and lightweight skeleton, and the fact that they all lay hard-shelled eggs.  It is great fun to watch these birds interact with one another, soar through the sky, take cool baths in water puddles, … Read more

What Do Eagles Eat?

What Do Eagles Eat?

Out of all the different types of birds of prey, eagles are by far the most majestic.  These large birds belong to the Accipitridae family and there are 60 species of eagle. Typically, these birds are large, powerful and they have heavy heads with large sharp beaks and powerful claws with long talons.  Their wings … Read more

What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

Hummingbirds are some of the smallest and most delicate bird species found in our beautiful world.  These tiny birds belong to the Trochilidae family and most species will only reach a maximum size of 13 cm in length.  The smallest hummingbird species is the bee hummingbird which is only 5cm long and weighs less than … Read more

What do Finches Eat?

What do Finches Eat?

Finches are small to medium size colorful birds.   Finches have forked like tails, pointed wings and rounded heads.  Their bodies are elongated. As with most other bird species the male finches are brightly colour while the females are much less colourful. Finches are found globally except in Australia and New Zealand, they were however … Read more

What Do Owls Eat?

What Do Owls Eat?

Owls are creatures of the night.  These beautiful birds are easily identified by their huge eyes, sharp beaks, and long talons.  They belong to the order Strigiformes and the 218 different species of owl can vary hugely in size and features. These majestic birds are divided into two main categories; the true or typical owl … Read more

What Do Roosters Eat?

One of the most outstanding features of roosters is their iconic crow that starts moments before the sun is about to rise.  These male chickens are also known as cockerels or cocks.  There are a great many species of chicken and some rooster species are quite vibrant in color.   These male birds can be quite … Read more

What Do Cockatiels Eat?

Cockatiels are also called weiro birds or quarrion birds.  These birds are a small parrot and are part of the cockatoo family.  They are beloved pets in homes across the globe because they can be so charming and funny if well tamed.   Well tamed cockatiels can be house trained so they can walk as freely … Read more

What Do Swans Eat?

Swans are best known for their grace.  These beautiful birds belong to the Anatidae family and there are only six living species of swans found after several species became extinct. These graceful birds are rather large with the biggest species, the mute, trumpeter, and whooper swan, reaching a length of up to 1.5meters in height … Read more

What Do Pheasants Eat?

Pheasants are part of the Phasianidae family and there are a few different species of pheasants found all over the world.  The most popular or common known pheasant is the common pheasant.  The male pheasant is highly decorative with lots of bright feathers and a much longer tail while females are much plainer. These animals … Read more

What Do Orioles Eat

Oriole birds often cause a bit of confusion amongst bird lovers because the species list can vary slightly based on what bird record you follow.  In the Old World genus of Oriolus, there are about 30 different species of this bird.  But in the New World genus, these 30 bird species fall under the Icetirdae … Read more

what do emus eat

An Emu looks a lot like a smaller version of an ostrich.  In height, they are the second-largest living bird and they are a member of the genus Dromaius family.  Emus are flightless and they are mostly kept for their meat, leather, feathers, and oil.  95% of an emu’s carcass is used and their meats … Read more

What do Turkeys Eat?

What do Turkeys Eat?

Turkeys are some of the most peculiar-looking birds in existence. Their featherless heads and fleshy wattles dangling from the top of their beaks reminds of something alien. The huge size of these birds is also quite impressive if not scary. The turkey is part of the genus Meleagris family and is native to America. There … Read more

3 Best Backyard Wooden Bird Feeders

Best Backyard Wooden Bird Feeders

A bird feeder not only beautifies your backyard but also attracts birds to it. Many homeowners look for numerous ways to beautify their backyard when something as simple as adding a bird feeder can help achieve that. Wooden bird feeders are durable and add an element of classiness to your yard, we have picked the … Read more

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2020

Squirrels are everywhere, and you cannot kill them or get rid of them. Bird feeder owners sometimes face a lot of problems due to the squirrels eating the bird food leaving nothing behind for them and even if something is left, the birds are scared to come with the fear of squirrels being there. Here … Read more

Reasons Why Bird Houses Has Gotten More Popular In The Past Decade

Buy it Now! Something as simple as hanging a wooden bird house can have a profoundly positive impact on the environment. Bird houses themselves look good and they create the right habitat for so many different types of birds. Attracting birds to the garden can really change the ambiance, which is one of the main … Read more

You Never Thought That Owning A Bird Bath Could Be So Beneficial!

Buy it Now! The sight of colorful birds splashing around in the middle of your garden is certainly heart-warming. There’s one easy way to attract birds to your backyard and it’s quite cost-efficient. All that you have to do is invest in the purchase of a bird bath. You may still be wondering about it, uncertain … Read more

Do Squirrel Proof Feeders Work?

Squirrels were once so abundant; they would do such massive migrations it is said the sun would be darkened for days. Even more astonishing, squirrels could make the migration from the east coast to Indiana without ever touching the ground. It wasn’t until settlers began clearing the forests that the squirrel population started to decrease. They … Read more

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole Baffle System

A hungry squirrel can eat all your bird seed within an hour. While some people will embrace the squirrel problem by offering squirrels their own special feeding platforms, others prefer the pesky little seed thieves go somewhere else to dine. The big question remains “How do I get the squirrels to stay away?” The answer lies … Read more