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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nature & Wildlife

We cover a large array of topics including, but not limited to Squirrels, Birds, Nature Watching and many, many more.

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Do squirrels eat smaller animal such as Mice, Rats or Birds?
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DIY: Squirrel Feeder
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What is The Squirrel Breeding Season?
Introduction Squirrels are abundant throughout the world. This is only natural considering how there are hundreds of different squirrel species.[...]
Is There Such Thing as a Squirrel Mating Call?
About SquirrelsSquirrels are small to medium sized rodents, indigenous to America, Eurasia and Africa, closely related to the mountain beaver.[...]
Is Infant Dehydration in a Squirrel Possible?
It is very common that orphan squirrels are dehydrated. This is because the mother often feeds the baby, but now[...]
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