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Do squirrels eat smaller animal such as Mice, Rats or Birds

Do squirrels eat smaller animal such as Mice, Rats or Birds?

The appetite of a squirrel doesn’t really include other animals such as mice, rats or birds. You won’t find them going out and killing them as food. However, they just may kill

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Naughty Grey Squirrel Raiding The Bird Feeder

DIY: Squirrel Feeder

​While squirrels may look cute, they can be an annoyance if you have a garden and grow various fruits and vegetables. Squirrels love to pick at almost any food they find so chances

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Is There Such Thing as a Squirrel Mating Call?

About SquirrelsSquirrels are small to medium sized rodents, indigenous to America, Eurasia and Africa, closely related to the mountain beaver. There are estimated to be more than two hundred different

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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Deer Feeder

Still concerned about using a deer feeder? Worried that it will attract the wrong types of animals? It’s a good idea to do a bit of research and understand the specifics of deer feeding before getting

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5 Quick Tips Regarding Bird Seeds

You’re getting ready to start feeding birds? That’s a great idea and you’re likely to enjoy it immensely. When it comes to making those first steps, it’s very important to choose the right seeds.

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Tips to Bringing More Nature to Your Yard

A garden that’s bustling with life and bird songs is certainly a lot more exciting than an empty backyard space. The most beautiful gardens attract numerous insects, birds and even some mammals.

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Reasons Why Bird Houses Has Gotten More Popular In The Past Decade

Buy it Now! Something as simple as hanging a wooden bird house can have a profoundly positive impact on the environment. Bird houses themselves look good and they create the right habitat

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The Reasons Why We Love Bird Bath

Buy it Now! If you love nature and wildlife, you’ll definitely fall in love with a bird bath. It’s such a simple thing but it brings an array of colorful birds to your garden. The

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6 Facts About Bird Baths That Will Blow Your Mind

Buy it Now! The premise behind a bird bath is quite simple – it’s a basin that gives birds access to H2O. Birds obviously need water to drink but they also love to clean their feathers.You’ll

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Why have a Squirrel Munch Box in Your Yard

Buy it Now! Some find them cute and furry, others believe that squirrels are truly annoying. Regardless of the group that you belong to, having a squirrel munch box in your yard is a

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5 Reasons Why People Like Squirrel Feeders in Their Yard

Buy it Now! Let’s face it – squirrels are funny little guys. They don’t carry rabies or other serious infections, as many of us believe mistakenly. Feeding squirrels is a great

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You Never Thought That Owning A Bird Bath Could Be So Beneficial!

Buy it Now! The sight of colorful birds splashing around in the middle of your garden is certainly heart-warming. There’s one easy way to attract birds to your backyard and it’s quite

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What Do Squirrels Like To Eat?

Squirrels are very practical little creatures and they will eat many types of things in order to survive. Needless to say, however, squirrels have their preferences. When it comes to favorite snacks

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Where Do Squirrels Live?

Where do squirrels live? The correct question to ask is where don’t they! Squirrels can be found on just abut every continent and in a vast range of habitats. From trees to the ground, from the rainforest

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5 Places That You Can Find Deer Feeders

Buy it Now! Deer feeders come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are automatic, others have an extra-large capacity. The selection of one or the other will depend entirely on your

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Do Squirrels Carry Rabies?

The belief that squirrels carry rabies is widespread and many people worry about their encounters with the little creatures. Urban legends tell horrifying stories of crazy squirrels leaping on innocent

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Do Squirrels Bite?

As cute and innocent as they look, squirrels can be aggressive little creatures. Many people are fooled by their furry, bushy tails and their cartoon-like appearance. These people put themselves in

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What do Ground Squirrels Eat?

It’s easy to answer the question where do ground squirrels eat but how about their life? How similar are they to their counterparts living on the trees? What do they eat? Though there are some convergences

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Where Do Flying Squirrels Live?

Flying squirrel is a term that refers to two species – northern and southern flying squirrels. These two little guys have their specific characteristics and habitats that they live in. So without

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Do Squirrels Hibernate?

What do squirrels do in the winter? It’s a legitimate question to ask. Chances are that you’ve spotted the furry little creatures amid the snow, which means that squirrels don’t really hibernate.

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Feeding Squirrels – The Best Squirrel Feeders on the Market

Squirrels are playful little creatures that are a lot of fun to observe. If you’d like to encourage their visits, consider getting a squirrel feeder and installing it on the edge of your property. This

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Homemade Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Plans

Squirrels can be a problem in gardens and the backyard. What can you do to keep them out of your way and out of your favorite bird feeder? Fix cones and baffles to the string of a hanging feeder, or

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How High Can a Squirrel Jump Off the Ground?

In case you haven’t noticed, squirrels are amazing. Perhaps they are not given enough credit for all the qualities they embrace. If you take the time to sit quietly and watch them their behavior

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How do I keep squirrels out of my bird feeder?

Squirrels love delicious birdseed and will take whatever measures they can to ensure they get some of those tasty bites. This ambitious little bandit is can also cause a host of more problems. They

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Plans

Being a birder is a heartfelt passion, so imagine the despair of backyard bird lovers when squirrels constantly foil their efforts to attract a variety of feathered friends. Squirrel proof bird feeder

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole

What is the number one most annoying thing that a backyard birder faces when trying to watch their fabulous guests? Most bird watchers would tell you right away it is the ‘seed-stealing squirrels’.

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Build a squirrel proof bird feeder

Are pesky squirrels feasting on your bird’s dinner plate? If so, there are remedies to deter this uninvited guest. The little known fact about squirrels is how highly intelligent they are. They assume

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Where Do Squirrels Sleep?

What do squirrels do during the night? Where do they sleep? So many questions and no answers! Every little creature has its own way to rejuvenate its body and enjoy a few hours of blissful sleep. Squirrels

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Baffel Tips

Squirrels are intriguing little mammals which display behaviors of bravery, trust, and intelligence. Did you know squirrels are so trusting that they are one of the very few wild animal species which will

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Squirrel Proof Caged Bird Feeder

  Are squirrels gobbling up all your birds’ meals? There are many ways to deter these clever little animals. If you are not into creating a separate feeder for your furry friends, then a squirrel

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5 Ways to Squirrel Proof a Bird Feeder

Perhaps you are not a huge squirrel fan and don’t want these sly bandits gobbling down all your bird seed or scaring off your beautiful menagerie of feathered friends. If this is the case, then there

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Tree squirrel

Some Fascinating Facts About Where Squirrels Live

Living nearly everywhere in the world, most people take squirrels sightings for granted. This common rodent is often seen through the warmer months scuttling up and down trees, across fields, or in some

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What do squirrels eat

Squirrels Are Bird Killers?! You’ll Never Believe This

What do squirrels eat? This might be a more complicated question than you think. While you might assume that the answer is a resounding yell of “Nuts!” you would be greatly underestimating just how

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squirrels nest

A Squirrel’s Nest: Not So Shabby On The Inside

There are many types of squirrels, and each has their housing preferences. From hidey-holes in the treetops, elaborate camouflage in the foliage, to underground kingdoms, squirrel homes run the gambit

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Squirrels as pets

6 Essential Tips For Keeping Squirrels As Pets

Can you have squirrels as pets? This is a popular question often asked of veterinarians. The short answer is no; you should not try to capture and keep an adult squirrel. They are born in the wild and

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squirrel house

4 Unbelievable Squirrel House Designs

Can you make a squirrel house? You might be surprised how easy they are to build. All it takes is a jigsaw and drill, along with a few wooden boards and a mounting device for tree placement. However, building

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squirrel eating apple

Squirrel Food – So Much More Than Acorns

If you ask just about anyone what squirrels eat, the first answer from will be “nuts.” The image of the squirrel with a nut, either in hand or in the pursuit of one, is such a common idea that most

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grey squirrel

Grey Squirrels Are Cannibals? The Shocking Truth Behind These Woodland Creatures

The grey squirrel is a beautiful creature. As you might have guessed from its name, grey squirrels are usually grey in colour, with white underbellies. However, some grey squirrels tend to appear browner

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5 Irresistible Birdfeeders For Your Home And Yard

Generations ago, Grandma threw dinner scraps into the yard for birds to gobble at their leisure. Today, bird feeding has become a beloved pastime for people of all ages. Decorous bird feeders come in many

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Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels – Sweet Animals Or Meat Eating Predators?

Are flying squirrels real? They most definitely are. You’ve probably got a few questions about these funny little creatures. Are they squirrels who grew wings? Or are they just rodents that can jump

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baby squirrel

Baby Squirrels – Adorable Facts Worth Knowing

Baby squirrel care is a detailed and tricky business. Usually discovered lost or abandoned, baby squirrels are not prepared to leave the care of their mother for three to four months after they’re born.

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The Beautiful Hummingbirds

They are small and colourful birds that have iridescent feathers. They get their name from the humming noise they make as a result of flapping their wings extremely fast (approximately 80 flaps in one

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Tasty Foods You Can Feed Squirrels And What To Avoid

If you’re like us, then you absolutely love feeding squirrels. We love to feed many different types of wildlife, but squirrels are probably our favorite. When people first start nature watching and feeding

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nature watching

The Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Nature Watching

Did you know that there are MANY health benefits associated with nature watching? There is no shortage of different types of this activity. One of our favorite activities is squirrel watching, and this

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squirrel feeding

Things You REALLY Need To Know About Squirrel Feeding

If you’re planning on feeding squirrels, then there are some things that you NEED to know before you get started. There is no way to deny the fact that nature watching is beneficial for both the mind

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feeding squirrels

Top Secret Tips For Feeding Squirrels In Your Backyard

Do you need some backyard squirrel feeding tips? Well, we’ve got you covered. Squirrel watching can be a VERY relaxing experience, with benefits for both the mind and body. However, if we’re going

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loving the squirrels

Why You Should Feed Wild Squirrels and Love Them

Depending on where you live, you probably see them every day – we’re talking about squirrels. To be honest, they are some of the most interesting little creatures on Earth. Aside from being very interesting

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