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Feeder rats

  The debate on feeder rats is one which has taken place at some point or other on every rat forum I have been to. People on both sides of the fence have strong views and, like abortion and religion,

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How to Prevent Animal Bites and Infections

Animals, whether domestic or wild, are a host of infectious parasites. These parasites do not harm the animals but can be very harmful to man.  Parasites live on the skins or in the furs of animals.

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Is a rabbit a rodent?

A lot of people find it hard to classify rabbits. Some people believe that rabbits are rodents. What do you think? Are they rodents, or belong in a different classification of animals? Alright, only science

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What do Lizards eat?

Lizards are a vast group of reptiles that includes over 6,000 species.  These species can differ quite a lot in size and they are found in lots of different areas of the world.  They also vary greatly

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What Do Tadpoles Eat?

By now you have probably seen tadpoles swimming about a pond.  These tiny creatures are commonly found all over the world and they are hardly a rare sight to behold.    Tadpoles are also called pollywogs. 

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