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How to Prevent Animal Bites and Infections

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Animals, whether domestic or wild, are a host of infectious parasites. These parasites do not harm the animals but can be very harmful to man. 

Parasites live on the skins or in the furs of animals. As such, these infectious parasites are transmitted to man by various means. The transmission of parasites from animals to man occurs during body contact. It may also occur via bites.

Every animal bite has the potential to be harmful to human health. We, thus, bring to you, simple methods on how to prevent animal bites and treat the common animal infection.


Animals like snakes carry venoms in their mouths. When snakes bite, they transfer their venom into our tissues and bloodstream. The venom ruptures the blood vessels or tissues. This inflicts acute pain on the casualty, which may lead to death. 

Apart from the venom, the saliva of animals also contains harmful micro-organisms. An example is Bacteria which is toxic to human health. 

When an animal bites, it transfers saliva to the skin of man. This saliva contains a lot of toxins that could cause severe infections to man. so, every lover of animals must know how to prevent themselves from animal bites and infections


Prevention is better than cure. It is usually advisable to prevent animal bites than to cure it. The following are some of the measures you can take to prevent animal bites.

  • When dealing with pets, you should book them a regular appointment with the vet. Let your pets receive vaccines that remove parasites from their system.
  • You can also get yourself some medications against parasites. Allow your doctor to prescribe these for you. 
  • Do not poke or attempt to treat a sick pet by yourself. If your dog is sick, for example, you should take it to the vet for proper medications.
  • Always stay away from wild animals. They tend to be unpredictable. Bites from animals like snakes are dangerous because they can result in death.
  • Wear protective clothing when you are in the territory of wild animals. 
  • Do not stray into forests or jungles alone.


Most of the common bites we experience are bites from dogs and snakes. The most important thing to do is to get to the doctor as fast as possible. The doctor will give you anti-tetanus and anti-venom injections. He or she could also prescribe antibiotics.

When a poisonous snake bites you, you should remain calm. First, you have to wash the wound with soap and water. Then, you should tie up the edge of the injury to reduce blood flow. After this, please rush to the nearest hospital.

When a dog bites you, anti-rabies injection is the best bet for you. Then, you wash the surface with soap and water.


We have learned about how harmful animal bites can be. Some animals might not look dangerous. But unknown to you; they carry parasites that are harmful to health. You have to careful of the way you relate with animals, pets, or not. With the practice of this preventive measure, it will be easier to avoid animal bites and infections.


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