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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Baffel Tips

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Squirrels are intriguing little mammals which display behaviors of bravery, trust, and intelligence. Did you know squirrels are so trusting that they are one of the very few wild animal species which will eat out of a person’s hand? They will put on elaborate bogus food burying shows to deceive onlookers. They also conduct fake burials to trick potential thieves with the intent to convince other squirrels they have stashed their food stock somewhere else.

So why is this information important for people who are desperate to keep the thieving bandits out of their birdfeeders? By understanding squirrel behavior, you will soon realize they take their food sources seriously, and they are intense problem solvers. With that being said, squirrel proof bird feeder baffles are the preferred method to deterring squirrels. Here are some baffle tips and other suggestions to win the game against squirrel domination.

The Power of Duct Tape

One bird lover has taken the upper hand against squirrels by mounting a length of aluminum duct take under the feeder. The squirrels will travel up the post and into the duct tape, but no further. The uses of duct tape continue to amaze the world.

A Slinky, a Slinky

Another bird enthusiast decided a slinky was his squirrel solution. By attaching one end of the plastic slinky to the top of the pole and letting the rest hand down through the center of the Slinky, he no longer worries about the uninvited guests at his bird feeder. The squirrels will attempt a jump onto the pole, and then promptly end up dumped on the ground. Be careful to watch for these clever little creatures to get caught in the Slinky loops.

The Plastic Bottle Baffle

This is actually a popular way to deter squirrels. It is a homemade baffle recipe using plastic one liter bottles. Simply make holes in the bottom of the plastic bottles, large enough to get around the post of your bird feeder. Hang them lengthwise and secure a few inches below the feeder with…of course, duct tape. Hanging feeders can use the same method by sliding the bottles down the wire to place them above the bird feeder.

Plastic Bottle Baffle Two

Once again, plastic soda bottles seem to be a viable solution. Take plastic soda bottles and drill holes in the bottom and string them on a heavy galvanized steel wire, about 30 feet in length. Hang the bottle contraption above your feeders, adjusting the proximity and length in accordance to how many bird feeders and height. By hanging the bottle line above, squirrels will automatically roll off the slippery bottles.

Pipe Dreams

One frustrated handyman decided he would use plumbing pipe in a valiant attempt to fool squirrels from dining at his bird’s restaurant. He simply used the plumbing pipe as the post and mounted his lovely bird feeder on it. He didn’t stop there. He painted his posts in white and black to resemble a white birch tree. When the squirrels made the climb or jump, they simply slid down the pole.

Chicken Wire and Tomatoes

How about a huge chicken-wire house tall enough to stand in to feed birds and grow tomatoes? This is for those creative, earthy types who like two-for-ones. Squirrels can crawl on chicken wire, but cannot squeeze through. The tomatoes are just an added bonus. If this is too much, consider a commercially made caged bird feeder designed to allow small birds to eat but keep squirrels and even larger bully birds away.

The Power of Safflower

Let it be known, squirrels will shun safflower seeds immediately. Something about this seed does not appeal to their unending appetite. You will however attract lovely little finches, chickadees, mourning doves, cardinals and nuthatches.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Feed Them

Many people don’t know that by offering a squirrel its own little feeding habitat, they are deterring other squirrels from their little bird environment. Since squirrels are territorial, they will chase off any new squirrels approaching the area. A nice platform feeder set a distance away from the bird feeder and filled with raw peanuts and sunflower seeds are enough to create the scene. The added bonus is the food which spills from the squirrel feeder will actually attract some birds to the feeding area on the ground. Consider including squirrels into your world, and let them be the deterrent against other squirrels. This way, you have beaten them at their own game. It is a win-win situation.

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