What Do Geckos Eat? Feeding Guide For Geckos!

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Geckos are small to medium-sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae. There are over 1,600 different gecko species, making them one of the most diverse groups of reptiles. They can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. So what do geckos eat? Geckos are carnivorous animals. They eat various insects, small rodents, and other prey, which they catch using their tongues to lap up viscous fluids from joints in ceilings or floorboards where these creatures may be hiding at night.

Geckos are well known for their ability to climb vertical surfaces and even walk upside down on ceilings. This is made possible by the millions of tiny hair-like structures on their toes called setae which grip onto surfaces allowing the Gecko to climb seemingly impossible heights. Geckos can also run at high speeds and make quick turns thanks to their long tails, which counterbalance.

What Do Geckos Eat?

The gecko diet is mainly carnivorous, but some species can be omnivorous and eat both plant matter and animal-based food. Baby lizards prefer insects over other foods at first – they’re not precisely “picky” when you think about it.

Geckos are unique lizards that live in the wild. They prefer eating prey that they can capture with their teeth and claws, so most never choose carrion as food! The local environment determines what type or quantity of Gecko will eat- some may only have one meal per day while others might take several days’ worth at once (or even weeks). There’s also plenty more to this fascinating creature. For example, did you know that geckos can drop their tails as a defense mechanism? And that they are one of the only reptiles capable of actual vocalization?

Learn all about these fantastic lizards below, including what geckos eat and what types of food are best for captive pet geckos.

What Do Wild Geckos Eat?

In the wild, most geckos are carnivorous and will eat a variety of insects, spiders, and other small arthropods. However, some species, such as the leopard gecko, can be omnivorous and eat plant matter. The diet of a wild gecko will depend on the species and the availability of food in their environment.

what do geckos eat
Geckos loves moths for their diet.

For example, day geckos (Phelsuma spp.) are native to Madagascar and other nearby islands in the Indian Ocean. These geckos are active during the day and feed primarily on insects and other invertebrates. Their diet includes moths, crickets, cockroaches, and other small insects.

In contrast, the Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) is native to Southeast Asia and is active at night. This nocturnal species feed primarily on insects but will also eat small vertebrates such as lizards, snakes, and rodents.

What Do Captive Pet Geckos Eat?

In captivity, pet geckos should be fed a diet similar to what they would eat in the wild. This means that most pet geckos will require a diet of insects and other small invertebrates. However, some captive pet geckos may also eat plant matter or other foods, depending on the species. Here are foods to feed your pet Geckos:


Crickets are a popular food for pet geckos and are readily available at pet stores. That’s not because they’re the healthiest–it just happens to be easier for you as a caregiver or hobbyist breeder.


The leopard gecko is not only a striking animal, but they also have an incredible sense of taste. Mealworms are one way to test this, with some house cats being too large for them due to their size and others finding it delicious.

what do geckos eat
Mealworms are their favorite foods.

Wax Worms and Super Worms: 

While not as common, wax worms and super worms can make occasional good treats for your pet gecko. Just be sure to offer them in moderation since they are high in fat.


Fruit flies and other small insects make occasional good foods for pet geckos. They are an excellent food source for young lizards that are still growing. Flies are another excellent food for pet geckos. They are easy to catch and make a nutritious meal for your pet. Just be sure to remove the wings before feeding them to your Gecko.

How to Feed Your Gecko?

Now that you know what geckos eat, it’s time to learn how to feed them. In the wild, geckos will typically find their food. However, it is up to you to provide them with a nutritious diet in captivity.

One of the easiest ways is to purchase live insects from your local pet store. You can then feed these insects to your Gecko daily. If you are not comfortable feeding live insects to your Gecko, you can also purchase frozen or freeze-dried insects from your local pet store. These insects can be thawed and then fed to your Gecko as needed.

Another option is to breed your insects. You can keep a small colony of insects in your home. These insects can then be used to feed your Gecko regularly. Breeding your insects is a great way to save money on pet food costs.

In addition, to live or frozen insects, you can also offer your Gecko a variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods can be chopped into small pieces and then provided to your Gecko daily.

Feeding your Gecko can be a wonderful experience, but knowing the risks is essential. If you don’t want them ingesting sand or other substrates that may cause gut impaction problems in their digestive tract, then some recommend using newspaper instead of paper towels alone.

What Not To Feed Your Pet Gecko?

Just like any other animal, there are certain things that you should not feed your Gecko. Some of these foods can be harmful to your pet, while others may not be nutritious. It is essential to research the specific needs of your Gecko before offering them any food.

Some foods that you should avoid feeding your Gecko include- avocados, citrus fruits, chocolate, junk food, and spicy food.

In addition to avoiding these foods, you should also avoid feeding your gecko insects that have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to your pet and should be avoided.

When feeding your Gecko, it is essential to offer a variety of foods. This will ensure that your pet gets the nutrients they need to stay healthy. A varied diet will also help keep your Gecko interested in their food.


As you can see, there are various things that geckos eat. By offering your Gecko a variety of foods, you can ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Just be sure to avoid any foods that may be harmful to your pet.

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