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What do Moose Eat?

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Moose are the largest of the deer species and stand approximately 6 feet tall.  The males have antlers which start to grow during fall, these antlers can reach a length of up to 4 feet from side to side, females do not grow antlers.  Moose’s front legs are longer than the hind legs and they have thick brown hair which is hollow inside to help assist with isolation against the cold.

Moose are found mainly in Canada, Alaska and the North Eastern parts of America up to the Rocky Mountains.  They are not very well adapted to handle warm weather and in summertime they will immerse themselves into water to cool off.

What do Moose Eat

Moose are herbivores and mainly grazzes on leaves, bark, roots, twigs and the shoots of plants.  During the winter months they will feed on evergreen trees and plants like willow and aspen trees.
Because moose are very good swimmers they will also eat all kinds of water plants like pondweed, water lilies  and horsetail.
Here is a quick look at all of the foods they enjoy eating.

Leaves and Bark

During the spring and summer months they will feed on the leaves and bark from willow trees, aspen trees and balsam fir which are their favorite food, but they will also feed on all kinds of other leaves and bark whatever is available in the habitat they live in.

Roots, Twigs and Shoots of Plants

As soon as the fall arrives they will start to feed on all kinds of bark of trees, roots of plants and trees, twigs and shoots of plants as the leaves fall from the trees and are no longer available to sustain them with the necessary nutritional needs.

Water Plants

During the spring and summer months moose will also submerge  themselves into water, to cool off and then they will feed on all kinds of water plants like water lilies, pondweed and horsetail and all other kinds of water plants that are available.

How to Feed Moose

Moose are very hard to keep in captivity as they need very large areas for roaming.  They consume a very large amount of food each day and are quite picky eaters.  When they are kept in captivity they will be fed pellets and quite a lot of vitamin supplements as the natural foods they consume are not always available in the areas they are kept in captivity.

What do Moose Eat in the Wild

Moose are herbivores that mainly live in very cold areas like Canada, Alaska and the North Eastern parts of America.  Their natural habitat consists of all the food they need in their diet.  They feed on leaves, bark, twigs, roots of trees and plants, shrubs and flowers of some trees.  Moose is good swimmers and will also feed on water plants like water lilies, pond weed and horsetail.  They also eat fruits of various trees when it is available and in season.

What do Moose Eat in Captivity

Moose are very hard to sustain in captivity and there are seldom any moose in zoos.  They are rehabilitated but not much is known about their feeding habits in captivity.  Moose calves are fed on a milk formula mixed with goat milk, but up to now there is still now specific formulation.  After six months the calves must be introduced to solid foods like leaves, bark and fresh shoots.  Their diets are mostly filled up with pellets and vitamin supplements until they are ready to be reintroduced into the wild.

What do Baby Moose Eat

Baby moose are sufficiently fed by their mothers up to the age of six months or up to a year.  The mother gradually introduces them to leaves, roots and shoots at first and then bark, and twigs.  When they are ready their mother will take them into the water and show them which water plants they can eat like water lilies, pondweed and horsetail.

How Much do Moose Eat

To sustain their very large bodies with the correct amount of nutrients they eat between forty to sixty pounds each day.
During the summer months they will eat even more to build up enough fat and nutrition for the long winters.

Moose also need salt in their diet which they get from sodium enriched aquatic plants.
During the winter season, salt is not available in plants they will lick the side of roads where salts accumulate.

Moose also stays close to water as it not only keeps them safe from predators but they can also find very nutritious foods from water plants.

What is a Moose’s Favorite Food

Moose’s favorite foods are the leaves, bark and roots of Willow Trees, Balsam Fir and Aspen Trees.  They also like to eat the kernels of Alpine Trees.  The Aspen trees are evergreen and they can graze on the bark, leaves and roots throughout the year.  The kernels of these trees are eaten when they fall from the trees.  Moose also love to eat the leaves of water lilies and soft shrubs.

Do Moose Eat Meat

No, moose do not eat meat.  They are solely herbivores.  Because plants are not as high in nutrients as meat, moose must choose the most lushes and plant rich territories to consistently supply them with all the nutrients they need.

Do Moose Attack Humans

Moose are one of the most dangerous of the deer species.  They are very territorial and aggressive when they feel threatened.  Many humans  have been attacked by moose.  During mating season they are even more aggressive and they can kill a human with their sharp antlers.
Mothers with calves will also eagerly attack humans as they feel threatened and they are very protective of their young.
Mooses can run up to 35 miles per hour, making them even more dangerous as a human cannot outrun them.

What Foods are Toxic to Moose

Most natural inhabetted plants found in the areas where moose graze are not toxic but because humans also share the same areas the humans can unknowingly plant toxic plants that are very harmful to moose.  Plants like Japanese Yew and Chokecherry contain high amounts of cyanide that can kill a moose very quickly.  It is usually the calves that eat these toxic plants.

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