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What Do Tree Octopus Eat [12+ Foods They Love]

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The tree octopus is a small creature with eight arms that lives in the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest. 

Even though they’re related to squid and cuttlefish, tree octopuses are unique because they mostly hang out in trees, as their name suggests. 

They’re generally quiet and like to keep to themselves, but they’re also smart and curious.

Tree octopuses are sneaky hunters. They hide in trees and wait for a chance to catch their food by surprise. 

Usually, they live alone, but sometimes they team up with others to catch bigger prey. Despite their name, tree octopuses aren’t the same as the ones we see in the ocean. 

They live on land but share some features with their underwater relatives, like having eight arms and ink-sacs for protection.

Even though some people think tree octopuses are made up, they’re real creatures that live high up in the trees of the Pacific Northwest. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what do Pacific NW tree octopuses eat, where they live, and why they’re in danger. So let’s dive in and find out more!

What Do Tree Octopus Eat:  Foods They Love

tree octopus

Tree octopuses eat a lot of different things, which makes it hard to list everything they eat. But with research and watching them, we’ve learned about the many types of food they like. 

In their forest homes, tree octopuses eat bugs like beetles, ants, flies, mosquitoes, caterpillars, and grasshoppers whenever they find them. 

They also snack on small spiders, shrimps, crayfish, and crabs they find in streams and ponds. It’s surprising, but they even eat snails and slugs living on tree branches! 

Sometimes, they might go for fish or their eggs if they find them nearby. They’re pretty good climbers, so they can sneak into bird nests to grab eggs or baby birds

Occasionally, they might munch on small frogs or lizards too. Even though they mostly eat meat, they might nibble on leaves or shoots from time to time. 

Their food choices can change depending on the time of year and where they live, but they’re really good at finding what they need to eat in their forest homes.

How Do Tree Octopuses Hunt For Its Food?

Tree octopuses are amazing hunters in their forest homes, using a mix of sneaky moves, quickness, and hiding tricks to catch their food. 

Depending on what’s happening around them, they have different ways of hunting. 

They can change how they look to match the colors and textures of their surroundings, which helps them stay hidden from both prey and other animals that might want to eat them.

Sometimes they wait quietly on branches or leaves until they see something they want to eat, and then they grab it fast. 

They’re good at moving around in the trees and looking for food, using their special suckers to feel for bugs hiding in little cracks. 

They’re also great climbers, so they can climb up to bird nests to steal eggs or baby birds.

Overall, tree octopuses are experts at finding and catching food in the trees, which keeps them healthy and alive.

Where Do Tree Octopuses Live?

Tree octopuses live in the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest, especially in places like the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. 

These forests are full of big trees and thick plants, which give tree octopuses plenty of places to hide and find food. 

They like to live in old forests with lots of big trees because they have everything they need there. 

Living up in the trees lets them show off their climbing and hunting skills, as they move around and look for food high up. 

But because they’re shy and live in far-off places, it’s very rare to see a tree octopus. This adds to their mystery and makes some people think they’re like creatures from stories.

tree octopus

The Reasons for its Endangered Status

Tree octopuses are in danger of disappearing because of a few big problems. One of the main issues is that their homes are being destroyed. 

When people cut down old forests for things like wood, farming, or making cities bigger, it takes away where tree octopuses live and finds food. 

Also, stuff like pollution from factories and changes in the climate are hurting the places where they live. 

Pollution can make their homes unhealthy, and climate change can mess up their habitats and make it hard for them to find food. 

Another problem is that the animals they eat are being caught too much by people, which makes it harder for tree octopuses to find food. 

Lastly, because tree octopuses are shy and only live in a few places, it’s tough to protect them properly. 

So, unless we take action to look after them, tree octopuses might not be around for much longer.

Interesting Facts About The Tree Octopuses 

  • Tree octopuses are cool creatures with lots of interesting things about them.
  • They’re super smart and can solve problems and do tricky stuff.
  • Even though they usually live alone, they’re good at understanding other octopuses and can talk to them when they need to.
  • One of the coolest things about them is how they can change the way they look to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. This helps them hide from other animals and catch their food without being seen.
  • Even though they live in trees, they’re also great swimmers and can move through water easily.
  • They eat a lot of different things, like bugs, tiny crabs, fish, and even fruits and berries.
  • Even though they’re hard to find and face a lot of problems, tree octopuses are still really interesting to scientists and people who love nature. They’re special creatures that have a unique place in our world.


In summary, tree octopuses live in a fascinating but fragile world. It’s up to us to take care of their homes so they can stay around for a long time. 

By telling others about them and working to keep their habitats safe, we can make sure these amazing creatures have a bright future ahead of them. 

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How do tree octopuses use their tentacles?

Tree octopuses use their tentacles for many things! They use them to grab onto branches and move around in trees.
Their tentacles are also super handy for catching food.
When they find something tasty, like a bug or a berry, they use their tentacles to grab it and bring it to their mouth.

Do tree octopuses have good eyesight?

Tree octopuses don’t rely much on their eyesight. They mostly use their sense of touch and smell to find their way around and locate food.
Their eyesight isn’t the best, but they can still see well enough to detect light and some shapes.

How many hearts does a tree octopus have?

Believe it or not, tree octopuses have three hearts! That’s more than humans!
Two of their hearts pump blood to their gills to help them breathe underwater, while the third heart pumps blood to the rest of their body.

What is the average size of a tree octopus?

Tree octopuses come in different sizes, but on average, they’re not too big.
They’re typically around the size of a small cat or a medium-sized dog, with their tentacles making up most of their length.
However, exact sizes can vary depending on factors like age and environment.

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