What Do Weasels Eat? 8 Foods They Love!

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The Weasels are the world’s smallest carnivorous mammals. Their size places them at risk for extinction, but they’re still going strong in their native habitats! So, what do weasels eat?

Weasels have long, slender bodies with short legs and sharp claws. They’re excellent hunters, preying on small animals like rodents and birds. Their hunting skills are so well-honed that they’re sometimes used in pest control! People often accuse these creatures because they’re sneakier than other animals and wreak havoc on chickens, ducks, etc.

Weasels are found in various habitats all over the world, from forests to grasslands. They’re most active at night when they hunt for their food. Despite their size, Weasels are fierce predators. But they’re also very playful creatures, often chasing each other around in fun!

What Do Weasels Eat?

Weasels are small, furry animals that live in the wild. They’re often seen as pests because their diets include lots of protein. They can be harmful to other wildlife if not handled appropriately by humans! Let’s look at what weasel food looks like so you know how smart these little guys are when it comes to prey hunting.

Weasels mainly feed on crustaceans and consume birds or even insects, sometimes depending upon availability. The Weasel’s sharp teeth also make it adept at killing rodents like mice and rats, which is how they find their way into human dwellings!

While weasels in the wild typically eat whatever small prey they can find, those kept as pets often have a diet of dry cat food mixed with raw meat. The most common foods that weasels eat are:


Mice are delicious creatures that Weasels love to eat. A Weasel will kill a Mouse by biting its neck and then eating the entire thing, including the fur!

what do weasels eat
Weasels loves to eat mice.


While Weasels aren’t known to consume birds regularly, they will do so if food becomes unavailable. Probably, the bird was already dead when the Weasel discovered it. If you see a Weasel with a bird in its mouth.


Crustaceans are a type of seafood that Weasels enjoy eating. This can include crabs, shrimp, and lobster. If you see a Weasel with a crustacean in its mouth, likely, the crustacean was already dead when the Weasel found it.


Ducks are a type of bird that Weasels enjoy eating. They love soft fur and feathers and will kill a Duck by biting its neck and then eating the entire thing, including the skin and feathers!


You may have heard that weasels eat frogs. While this is technically true, they don’t do it very often. They will only consume live prey when there’s no other choice or if the catch is too large for them to handle on their own without doing any damage!

what do weasels eat
Frogs are often eaten by weasels.


Weasels are omnivores that eat a variety of sources, including beef and chicken. They will consume insects if food is scarce. If you spot a Weasel with an insect in its mouth, probably, the bug was already dead when the Weasel discovered it.


It’s not surprising that Weasels often eat turtles. After all, they’re small, slow-moving creatures that are easy for a Weasel to catch. Probably, the turtle was already dead when the Weasel discovered it; if you see a Weasel with a turtle in its mouth.


Weasels love chicken! Weasels often eat chickens because they often find their way into chicken coops and kill the birds. If you come upon a Weasel with a chicken in its mouth, the chicken was dead when the Weasel discovered it.

While weasels typically eat small prey, they also eat larger animals on occasion. For example, there have been reports of Weasels killing and eating lambs, kittens, and even full-grown cats!

How Do Weasels Hunt?

Weasels are small, but they can still pack a big punch. These furry creatures will attack, kill and consume animals several times their size! Weasels also store more than just food in the den. They protect it with their lives!

A Weasel’s primary method of hunting is to stalk its prey until it’s within range and then pounce. This is an incredibly effective way to take down small animals like rodents and birds. Weasels will also use their sharp teeth and claws to kill larger prey if necessary.

Another way that Weasels hunt is by using their long, slender bodies to enter small spaces in search of prey. This makes them particularly adept at finding their way into chicken coops and other enclosed areas where they can do a lot of damage!

When it comes to hunting, weasels are relentless. They have been known to pursue their prey for miles, running at speeds up to 20 miles per hour! And once they catch up to their target, they will go in for the kill with a quick bite to the neck. Weasels are also known to be quite cunning when hunting; they have been known to use tools like sticks and stones to help them catch their prey.

Given their small size, you might be wondering how Weasels can kill larger prey. The answer lies in their hunting methods! Weasels are known to be very relentless when it comes to hunting down their prey. They will often pursue their game for long distances until the animal is too exhausted to escape. At that point, the Weasel will kill the animal with a single bite to the neck.

what do weasels eat
A weasel is looking for it’s food.

How Much Do Weasels Eat?

Weasels typically eat small prey, but their appetite is dictated by how much food is available. If food is scarce, they will consume insects. When there’s plenty of food available, Weasels have been known to kill and eat lambs, kittens, and even full-grown cats!

Weasels will consume about 1/2 to 1 pound of food per day. This includes solid food and liquid, such as blood from their prey. Weasels will also drink water when it’s available, but they can get most of the moisture they need from their food.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know more about Weasels, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use! If you think you might have a Weasel on your property, take precautions to protect your animals. And if you’re ever lucky enough to spot one of these furry creatures in the wild, take a moment to appreciate their tenacity and hunting skills!

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