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Squirrel Breeding Season

What is The Squirrel Breeding Season?

Introduction Squirrels are abundant throughout the world. This is only natural considering how there are hundreds of different squirrel species. Even though they all belong in the same, broader genus Sciurus,

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Infant Squirrel

Is Infant Dehydration in a Squirrel Possible?

It is very common that orphan squirrels are dehydrated. This is because the mother often feeds the baby, but now that the mother has escaped due to some danger, the baby cannot stay for more than 2 hours

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What Eats Squirrels

What Eats Squirrels?

Just like other small mammals, squirrels have a lot of natural predators. This contributes a lot to their lifestyle. For instance, a squirrels will always be on alert even when there is no danger around.

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Why have a Squirrel Munch Box in Your Yard

Buy it Now! Some find them cute and furry, others believe that squirrels are truly annoying. Regardless of the group that you belong to, having a squirrel munch box in your yard is a

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5 Reasons Why People Like Squirrel Feeders in Their Yard

Buy it Now! Let’s face it – squirrels are funny little guys. They don’t carry rabies or other serious infections, as many of us believe mistakenly. Feeding squirrels is a great

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Do Squirrel Proof Feeders Work?

Squirrels were once so abundant; they would do such massive migrations it is said the sun would be darkened for days. Even more astonishing, squirrels could make the migration from the east coast to

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole Baffle System

A hungry squirrel can eat all your bird seed within an hour. While some people will embrace the squirrel problem by offering squirrels their own special feeding platforms, others prefer the pesky

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Where Do Flying Squirrels Live?

Flying squirrel is a term that refers to two species – northern and southern flying squirrels. These two little guys have their specific characteristics and habitats that they live in. So without

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Do Squirrels Hibernate?

What do squirrels do in the winter? It’s a legitimate question to ask. Chances are that you’ve spotted the furry little creatures amid the snow, which means that squirrels don’t really hibernate.

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Feeding Squirrels – The Best Squirrel Feeders on the Market

Squirrels are playful little creatures that are a lot of fun to observe. If you’d like to encourage their visits, consider getting a squirrel feeder and installing it on the edge of your property. This

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How to Take Care of a Baby Squirrel?

Whether you’ve come across an orphaned baby squirrel or you have one as a pet, it’s important to take proper care of it. Those little creatures are completely defenseless and they’ll be heavily

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Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed

Wild neighbors such as the territorial squirrel can make their home right inside your favorite bird feeder. These quirky little animals are actually problem solvers and will challenge you every chance

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When Do Squirrels Have Babies

We see squirrels all the time, but have you ever just stopped and thought to yourself, where are all the baby squirrels? You can look around and see a squirrel in almost every tree, and every park, and

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How To Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrels are relatively harmless, but if in a situation where you need to keeps squirrels away there are a few good humane ways to do so. When thinking about keeping squirrels away the main purpose is

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Birdhouse’s For Sale

When looking to buy a birdhouse there is actually more information you should know then you think. In this article I will be outlining the most important information to know when thinking about buying

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7 Tips For Feeding Squirrels

Feeding squirrels can be an exciting and pleasing past time. In this article I will present 7 tips for feeding squirrels as well as what to feed them and also some additional tips that will ensure you

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