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Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs [Feeding Habits on Bird Eggs]

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Many people know that squirrels love peanuts, but did you know they also like other foods? This leads to a question: Do squirrels eat bird eggs? 

Nature’s ways can be interesting, especially how animals interact. One such interaction is between squirrels and bird eggs. 

Why do squirrels go after bird eggs, and how do birds protect against them? 

In this article, we’ll explore whether squirrels eat bird eggs, which birds are most at risk, and how birds defend themselves. So let’s find out more!

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs?

squirrel eating egg

Squirrels usually eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and bugs as their main food. But when they’re really hungry and can’t find enough to eat, they might go for bird eggs

They don’t like the taste of eggs, though. They’d rather catch baby birds because they’re easier to get.

Not all squirrels do this, and it doesn’t happen all the time.

But sometimes, especially when food is hard to find, squirrels might raid bird nests to find eggs. 

This usually happens when they need extra food for themselves or their babies during the breeding season.

Squirrels eat bird eggs because they need food and they’re always on the lookout for it.

Bird eggs are full of protein and other important stuff that squirrels need, especially when there isn’t much other food around. 

Sometimes, just their natural urge to find food to survive and have babies makes squirrels go after bird eggs when they can.

Although not all squirrels do this, it happens more often in specific situations and can affect bird populations, especially those nesting in places where squirrels are common. 

It’s important to study how squirrels eating bird eggs impacts vulnerable bird species and keeps the environment healthy, to help with conservation efforts.

Which Species of Birds are Most Vulnerable to Squirrel Predation?

Certain types of birds are more likely to be eaten by squirrels because of their size and where they build their nests. 

Squirrels are always on the lookout for food, and they don’t mind eating bird eggs or babies along with their usual diet of nuts and seeds. 

Birds that are small or don’t defend their nests well are easy targets for squirrels. This includes birds that nest on the ground or in holes with big openings. 

Some examples are songbirds like chickadees, robins, and finches, which often nest in spots that squirrels can easily get to. 

Birds like meadowlarks and killdeers that nest on the ground are also in danger, as well as cavity nesters like bluejays and woodpeckers with large openings to their nests. 

But really, any bird could be at risk if they live in places where lots of squirrels are around.

How Do Birds Protect Themselves From The Squirrels?

  • Birds are smart about where they build their nests. They often choose spots that are hard for squirrels to reach, like way up in trees or hidden in thick bushes.
  • Some birds go even further to keep their nests safe. They make sure the entrances are hidden or cover the nest with stuff like lichen or moss to blend in and not attract squirrels’ attention.
  • When a bird spots a squirrel, it doesn’t stay quiet. It makes loud noises to warn other birds nearby. They all team up to chase the squirrel away.
  • If a squirrel gets too close, some birds don’t hesitate to fight back. They’ll use their sharp beaks or strong talons to defend their nests.
  • Birds also team up with other animals for protection. They might build their nests near big birds like crows or hawks, who scare away squirrels.
  • Even in cities, birds find ways to stay safe. They might hang around human-made stuff like bird feeders that squirrels can’t easily reach.

So, birds use different tricks to keep their nests safe from squirrels, like where they build, how they hide their nests, and who they team up with.

What Other Ways Do Squirrels Affect Birds?


Squirrels don’t just hunt birds directly; they also influence them in other ways. Here are some examples:

1. Competition for Resources: Squirrels and birds often fight for the same food and places to build nests, especially in neighborhoods where both are common. 

This can mean less food and fewer good spots for birds to lay their eggs.

2. Nest Damage: Squirrels sometimes mess up bird nests by accident while they’re looking for food or making their own homes. 

They might knock over nests or mess up the materials, which can lead to eggs or baby birds getting hurt or killed.

3. Disruption of Nesting: If squirrels hang out near bird nests, it can stress out the parent birds

They might spend more time worrying about the squirrels than taking care of their babies, which can make it harder for the chicks to survive.

4. Eating Bird Food: Squirrels love raiding bird feeders and stealing seeds meant for birds.

This can scare the birds away or leave them with less food to eat, which isn’t good for their health.

5. Spreading Disease: Squirrels can carry diseases and bugs that they might pass on to birds.

This can make birds sick and even cause them to have fewer babies or die.

Overall, the relationship between squirrels and birds is pretty complicated and can affect lots of things about how birds live and grow. 

Understanding these interactions helps us figure out how to protect birds better.


The way squirrels and bird eggs interact is really interesting and shows how nature works together. 

Sometimes squirrels eat bird eggs when they’re looking for food, but birds have learned how to protect their eggs. 

Learning about this helps us see how nature is connected and why it’s so important to take care of our environment, so all kinds of animals can live and grow happily.


What is a squirrel’s favorite food?

Squirrels love eating nuts like acorns, walnuts, and almonds.
They also enjoy munching on seeds, fruits, and even insects.

Will squirrels eat chicken eggs?

Yes, squirrels are known to eat chicken eggs if they find them.
While eggs might not be their top choice, they’ll snack on them if they’re available.

What scares squirrels the most?

Squirrels are usually scared of bigger animals that might want to eat them, like dogs, cats, or even humans.
Loud noises and sudden movements can also startle them.

What is a squirrel’s favorite fruit?

Squirrels enjoy a variety of fruits, but some of their favorites include berries, apples, and grapes.
They’ll happily munch on these tasty treats when they come across them.

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