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What Do Possums Eat in Winter [Possum’s Winter Food Habits]

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As winter comes and covers the land with cold, nature changes, and animals adjust.

Possums are part of this, and they’re important for the environment, even though people might not understand them well.

People often ask: What do possums eat in winter? 

We don’t see them as much when it’s cold. Possums are like scavengers; they eat whatever they can find. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about what possums eat in winter and how you can help them stay warm during the chilly weather.

What Do Possums Eat In Winter?


In winter, possums change what they eat to match the season and what food is available.

The specific foods they eat can vary depending on where they live and what’s around them.

Generally, possums eat a mix of things to keep themselves going through the cold months.

They might snack on fruits like apples, pears, berries, and sometimes even citrus fruits if they find them. 

When ripe fruits aren’t around, they’ll munch on leaves and buds from different plants for nutrients. 

Furthermore, possums search for nuts such as acorns, hazelnuts, or seeds from plants like sunflowers or pumpkins

They also eat insects and small animals like beetles, worms, and snails

Sometimes, they look for dead animals or hunt for rodents, birds‘ eggs, or young birds if they find the chance.

While not their preferred choice, possums may resort to consuming carrion or scavenging scraps left by humans when food sources are limited. 

Overall, possums are pretty good at finding what they need to stay healthy during winter, adjusting their diet to whatever’s available around them.

Where Do Possums Live During Cold Weather?

When it gets cold outside, possums look for warm and safe places to stay. 

They like to find cozy spots like tree hollows, piles of leaves, or hidden areas where they can huddle up.

These places help keep them warm and protect them from other animals that might harm them. 

In cities and towns, possums might even hide in places like attics, under houses, or in gaps under decks. 

Basically, they search for anywhere that keeps them safe from the cold and predators but still lets them go out to find food when they need to.

How Do Possums Hunt and Gather Food?

Possums are creatures of the night, which means they’re most active after sunset when it’s dark and other animals have trouble seeing them. 

They depend on their strong sense of smell and sharp hearing to find food. 

These smart animals are great climbers, so they often climb trees to search for delicious treats like fruits, nuts, and insects. 

With their nimble hands and sharp claws, possums can easily grab onto branches and move through leaves to find their next meal. 

They also look for insects, worms, and other small creatures by digging through leaves or checking under rocks. 

Sometimes, they’ll even search for food scraps left by humans, especially in cities. 

Overall, possums are skilled at finding food, using their agility and senses to locate it no matter where it’s hidden.

Possums look for food to survive during the cold winter. They use different ways to find food, like hunting and gathering. 

Now, let’s see if possums stay active during the fall and winter.

possum in winter

Are Possums Active During the Fall and Winter?

Yes, possums remain active throughout the fall and winter seasons, albeit their activity levels might vary depending on factors like temperature and food availability. 

While they might be less active during extremely cold weather or heavy snowfall, possums continue to forage for food and maintain their daily routines during the cooler months. 

They adapt to the changing conditions by seeking shelter in dens or nests to keep warm and conserve energy when necessary. 

Despite the challenges posed by winter, possums are resilient creatures that remain active members of their ecosystems year-round.

Ways to Assist the Possum in Your Backyard

Here are some easy ways you can make possums feel happy in your backyard:

  • Give Them Homes: Make cozy spots for possums to sleep by leaving piles of leaves or putting up nest boxes. They’ll feel warm and safe, especially on cold nights.
  • Feed Them: Fill bird feeders with fruits, nuts, and seeds that possums love. Plant trees and bushes that make fruits and berries they like to eat.
  • Use Fewer Chemicals: Try not to use too many pesticides or weed killers in your garden. They can be bad for possums and other animals. Use natural ways to control pests when you can.
  • Keep Trash Tight: Keep your garbage cans closed so possums can’t get into them. You might use bins they can’t open or tie lids with bungee cords.
  • Make Paths for Them: Build fences with spaces underneath or small walls so possums and other animals can move safely around your yard.
  • Keep Pets Inside: Keep your pets inside, especially at night. It helps avoid fights with possums and other animals that come out at night.

By doing these things, you can make your backyard a nice place for possums and help them stay healthy. 

Remember, even small things can make a big difference in keeping everyone happy and safe.


In summary, knowing what possums eat in winter and how they cope with cold weather shows how tough and clever they are. 

If we help them by doing things like providing food and shelter, we can make sure they stay healthy and strong even when things get tough.


Where do possums sleep in the winter?

Possums do not hibernate, but they will spend most of the winter months sleeping in their dens.
Possums typically build their dens in trees, hollow logs, or on the ground.
During the day, possums will sleep inside their dens to stay warm and protected from predators.
At night, they will come out to forage for food.

What is a possum’s favorite meal?

Possums are known to enjoy a variety of foods, but their favorite meals often include fruits, berries, insects, and small animals like mice or birds’ eggs.

What kind of fruit do possums eat?

Possums have a diverse diet and will eat many types of fruit, including apples, pears, berries, and sometimes even citrus fruits if available.

Do possums eat carrots?

While possums are omnivores and may eat a wide range of foods, carrots are not typically a favorite part of their diet.
They are more likely to enjoy fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods like insects or small animals.

What is the best food for a pet possum?

If you have a pet possum, it’s essential to provide a balanced diet that mimics their natural food preferences.
This can include a combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects, and a specialized possum food available in pet stores.
It’s also essential to consult with a veterinarian familiar with possum care to ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met.

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