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loving the squirrels

Why You Should Feed Wild Squirrels and Love Them

Depending on where you live, you probably see them every day – we’re talking about squirrels. To be honest, they are some of the most interesting little creatures on Earth. Aside from being very interesting to watch, squirrels are SO cute!

There are a few different varieties of these magnificent little balls of fur. In your backyard, you could have multiple species of squirrel. Ever wondered what other animals are in the squirrel family?  You might be surprised to learn that woodchucks, prairie dogs, chipmunks, ground, flying and tree squirrels are all in the same family.

A typical squirrel will spend his or her day digging holes in your lawn or garden but don’t worry – these are just tiny little holes that the squirrel uses to store his or her food. The squirrel might also be searching for nuts, fruit, flowers, leaves, shoots, bark or stems.

Maybe you’ve wondered what the ones in your yard seem to be doing. One of their favorite activities is caching supplies. Basically, they find various types of supplies and bury them in the ground, so they can be gathered later. The reason why they stash supplies is because they frequently need them for winter.

feeding wild squirrels

Feeding this little guy

What Do Squirrels Like To Do?

Most of them spend the majority of their time foraging for food. It should come as no surprise that most squirrels like to spend the bulk of their time in trees. They also like to shelter from weather and bear children.

Unfortunately, humans have destroyed a massive amount of the trees that squirrels are used to living in, so they’re forced to live in virtually anything that even resembles a tree. Depending on the location and species, there is no way to tell what time of year a squirrel will bear children.

Oddly, squirrel courtship resembles what you might see your five-year-olds doing. The courtship consists of one, or in some cases, several male squirrels frantically chasing the female through trees, and some male humans think they have it hard! If you ever see a squirrel in a tree, you would be amazed at how still it can sit.

Although some people believe the myth that they are responsible for transmitting diseases to humans, it’s really just a myth. In reality, squirrels are really important for determining environmental health. If squirrel populations become sick, it gives scientists a reason to look for hazardous industrial byproducts in the area.

A Neat Fact

Want to know something funny? You probably see squirrels running through your yard digging holes and burying food, but did you know that they frequently forget where they buried their food!

When squirrels can’t remember where they stored their nuts and seeds, it’s common for the seeds to sprout into new trees, so the location of some of the trees on your property could very well have been the result of our fury little friend’s forgetfulness. This is why they are important for establishing new trees. Their short memory is likely responsible for the planting of millions of new trees.

Controlling Them

As humans, we have a knack for trying to control wildlife, and we will conjure up just about any reason to justify the removal of various animals, including squirrels. Despite the endless loveable qualities of these little critters, many people get upset when they raid their vegetable gardens.

Sometimes they even tear holes in roofs, which are used to build a nest. As humans, we need to understand that these little guys were here before us, and it’s not like they have some bone to pick with us; they just want to live their lives and do things that they like to do!

Although some people believe it’s a good idea to kill the balls of fur in an attempt to control their population, there are other humane ways to protect our vegetable gardens and property from these magnificent little creatures.

If you like squirrels and want to attract more of them to your yard, then you need to install some squirrel feeders. There are several models that you can use, and if you need help finding a squirrel feeder for your property, we have some information to help you out.